The Edge of the Wild

The Marsh Bell Continued

Session #2

As the heroes make camp for the 2nd night they notice 4 wood elves led by Galion, a former cupbearer of the Elvenking who has been sent on patrols to discover who is coming and going along the river. Caranthir is the party spokesman and he tells the 4 wood elves that he is helping the party find 2 lost dwarves. Galion tells them that they did see two dwarves camping in the area. But before he can say anything else Beli shouts “Tell us where they are?” and angers Galion. Galion asks who they are looking for and when Beli says it is Balin Galion roars in anger (as Balin is one of the dwarves he blames for his current predicament) and storms away into the woods.

The party is standing around in consternation and decides to examine the flickering lights near to their campsite. Beli is surprised (but is saved at the last minute by Caranthir) by a huge Stone Troll who looks emaciated and wounded. A lively battle ensues. The Bride has an extraordinary hit to start the battle and severely wounds the Stone Troll. Beli misses when he swings but Caranthir stabs it through the arm. The troll swings and widely misses the Bride. The Bride slashes the Troll’s leg. The Troll dies on an extraordinary damaging roll from Beli. When the examine the Troll they discover a large slash from an ax. They also discover 3 gold coins which they split up.

After sleeping the night they wake up and search the campsite. They discover a small jeweled box. Inside is the letter from the King to the Eagles. The Bride and Carathir want the box but the party agrees that Beli should carry it.

At this point, the events of the previous days have worn out Caranthir and the Bride who are now weary.



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